Rocking Horse Ranch in Museums

Visit a Rocking Horse Ranch exhibit in a museum near you today! We are proud to presents our work in educational museums across the country. Our rugged, wooden, life-like replicas of real horses and bulls are on display for families and children of all ages to enjoy.

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The Treehouse Museum

The Treehouse Museum - "How the West was Fun"

A non-profit, educational organization who's mission is to provide a place of magic for children and families to "step into a story". In July of 2009, Dennis Page, with the Pioneer Days Comote, opened "How the West was Fun", a rodeo setting with two horses and a bucking bull! Children can dress up and ride all three for an authentic, educational and fun old west experience!

The Treehouse Museum

Kentucky Horse Park - American Saddlebred Museum

In 2002 Dennis Page established a permanent exhibit in the Saddlebred Museum with 2 working rocking horses. Patrons can ride both of these beautiful, solid wood replica rocking horses and even get their picture taken. The authentic horse show backdrop completes the experience and makes for a great photo to remember your visit.